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The First Things You Need to Do When Arriving in iDrive Orlando

The First Things You Need to Do When Arriving in iDrive Orlando

Welcome to sunny Orlando, Florida! This warm and colorful city offers a long list of exciting activities for any visitor, whatever their age or interest. Making the most of this trip involves hitting the ground running, so here are a few things that will help you start your trip off right!

Rent a Car

Make sure you have a good way to get around! During the COVID-19 pandemic, many car rental companies had to sell off their cars in order to keep their business afloat… this meant that post-pandemic, the nation experienced a major shortage of rental cars available for travelers pretty much anywhere! Securing a rental car is, therefore, a bit trickier than it has been in the past. If at all possible, make the necessary accommodations for your rental car as far in advance as you can before your trip! And remember, you can rent a car if you’re under 25, but you need to pay an additional fee. It is definitely worth it to pay those little additional fees here or there to ensure that you will have a means of easy transportation during your stay.

Find Your Hotel

Next order of business, get to your hotel and drop off your stuff. As a stranger to the city, take advantage of whatever map apps you are most comfortable with to route you to your destination—but also, don’t be afraid to ask the locals for help with directions! Orlando has plenty of high-end lodging options to make your stay feel as relaxing and luxurious as it is exciting and event packed. Try to find a hotel that is central to the activities that you have planned. Being able to walk to things or take a quick drive back to your hotel if needed makes your vacation so much easier.

Orient Yourself

Once you have your means of getting around and have settled your stuff into your hotel, start orienting yourself with the area! Some of the best experiences can be made by just walking around your area, exploring shops and restaurants and entertainment venues. Find out what’s close, what’s popular, and what things you have easy access to! Fill in any gaps in your itinerary with the options right around your corner.

This city has so much to offer; enjoy every moment of it! Prepare yourself with the right tools to make your stay in Orlando a great one.

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