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Why it Helps to Have a Credit Card While You Travel

Why it Helps to Have a Credit Card While You Travel

While you're traveling, it can help to have a credit card. Your credit card can earn you travel rewards, it is a secure form of payment, and it can offer some travel insurance. Using a credit card is a great way to have less stress while on your trip.

Travel Rewards

When you use your credit card you can earn either points or miles. It is important to do your research on what different rewards are offered. Some cards will allow you to earn 2 miles per dollar on all purchases and you can redeem these miles for travel. Some cards don’t require specific airlines while others have certain airline partners where you can redeem your rewards. There are also hotel and airline cards you can choose which will earn points for dollar spend for either the airline or hotel chain.

It’s More Secure

While you are traveling, using a credit card will help protect you from fraud or in case your card gets lost or stolen. Credit cards aren’t connected to your money, and you have less liability should there be a fraudulent charge on your account. You should let your company know when you will be traveling, so your card doesn’t get flagged. A debit card is less secure while traveling because it is linked directly to your money. You can use a debit card to pay for a rental car, but there may be a hold placed on your funds. Using a credit card instead will prevent fraud and freezes your funds.

Travel Insurance

Many credit cards will offer travel insurance. You can also buy additional travel insurance, but you should investigate what insurance your credit card already provides. Common travel insurance coverages include trip cancellation and interruption, medical aid, medical evacuation, baggage protection, and rental car protection. Be sure to pay for all travel expenses with the same card if you want to utilize that card's insurance coverage.

Using a credit card on your trip will help your money be more secure, earn rewards, and provide some insurance protection. Using a credit card is a good way to make the most of the money spent, protect your money in the bank, and protect you if things on your trip go awry. Having a credit card can allow you to relax and fully enjoy your trip.

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