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Kings Pizza I-Drive
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6550 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE - Orlando - FL - 32819

Kings Pizza I-Drive


Maybe you are one of the thousands of New Yorkers who came to Orlando on vacation and decided to stay. The sunshine, theme parks, and friendly people made Orlando irresistible to you. Never again will you scrape ice from your windshield or walk along Fifth Avenue in freezing temperatures. You may find that in spite of being happy in Orlando, you still miss some things about New York City. One of the things ex-New Yorkers site as missing the most is New York style pizza. You may have tried places around Central Florida claiming to have New York style pizza, but it turns out to be a poor imitation of the real thing. Where can you go then to get real New York Style Pizza, and a little New York atmosphere as well? Look no further than King’s Pizza, with two Orlando Locations: 6550 I-Drive and 2840 Curry Ford Road.

When you arrive at King’s Pizza on I-Drive Orlando one of the first things you notice is a chef hand tossing pizza in the front window. Everything is above board at King’s Pizza, from the way the pizza is made, to the clean and comfortable atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, the restaurant sports a mural with scenes from New York City that will put New Yorkers in the mind of their former hometown. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to appreciate and enjoy King’s Pizza, there are numerous reasons to love it no matter where you are from.

The Main attraction at King’s Pizza is, of course, the Pizza. Flavorful and full of variety these pizzas are second to none. You can have just a slice or get a whole massive twenty-four-inch pizza to share with friends or take home. There is a pizza for just about every taste (twelve in all), from a traditional cheese pizza to Hawaiian, to Spinach Ricotta, to Buffalo chicken and more. As you watch the pizza being made from your table you can see with your own eyes the quality ingredients and care that goes into it. It is a rare experience to see your pizza made in the age of franchised pizza where a mass distribution system compromises the ingredients and the care. Pizza is not all King’s Pizza does, it also has a number of delicious options if you are not in the mood for pizza. King’s Pizza boasts four types of calzones, meat lasagna, and chicken wings among other delectable cuisines.  It is a breath of fresh air that a place like King’s Pizza exists. Not ostentatious in its presentation, reasonably priced, but provides a top-quality product.

Service is another feature of King’s Pizza that Stands out from other pizza places. The staff is friendly, enthusiastic, and competent. Celebrate a birthday at King’s Pizza and you will see exactly why the staff is such an asset to this cozy pizza place. Service also extends to delivery, which not only will go to where you live but extends to hotels as well. Many tourists coming back late on a Friday or Saturday night, to their hotel where room-service has long since closed for the night, will be interested to know that King’s Pizza delivers well after 10 PM. Maybe you are staying at a hotel and are just craving New York Style Pizza, you can order from King’s Pizza starting after 5 PM.

So, if you are an ex-New Yorker who wants a little bit of the Big Apple atmosphere in Orlando, or if you are just a lover of good food, then check out King’s Pizza. Gargantuan twenty-four inch, delicious, hand-tossed pizzas await you! 





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